Fees & Rebates


We are a mixed billing practice. The fees depend on the nature of the service provided. We see clients under the following services:

Mental Health Care PlanIndividual Therapy (50 min session). Clinical Psychologist$255$137.05$117.95
Mental Health Care PlanIndividual Therapy (50 min session). Generalist Psychologist$215$93.35$121.65
NDISIndividual Therapy (50 min session) Clinical Psychologists $214.41N/AN/A
Private HealthIndividual Therapy (50 min session)$255 (Clinical)/ $210 (Generalist)Please check with your health fundPlease check with your health fund
DVA, ADF & WorkCoverServices as contractedAs contractedN/ANA
Mental Health Care Plan – Reduced RateIndividual Therapy (50 min session)Variable depending on circumstances.Rebates AvailableVariable


Additional Information

How to get a referral:

To receive a rebate from Medicare for your sessions, you will need to see your GP, Paediatrician, or Psychiatrist to obtain a referral under a Mental Health Care Plan. Mental Health Care Plans are available for a range of psychological conditions.

How many Medicare sessions are available:
A referral under the Mental Health Care Plan will allow you to claim a rebate for up to ten 50 minute sessions per calendar year. These occur in six (6) initial sessions and four (4) additional sessions. You will need to return to your referrer (e.g., your GP) to access the remaining four sessions. Please note* The Australian Government has removed the additional 10 Covid-19 related sessions as of 1/1/23.

How do I claim the rebate:

All fee-paying clients must pay the full fee for the consultation at the end of the session. Our team will then process the Medicare Rebate for you. Your rebate will be paid back into the bank account you have registered with Medicare. Fees and rebates vary for Psychologists; please see the fee table for guidance.

What do I bring to my first appointment:
You need to bring a copy of the Referral Letter and Mental Health Care Plan to your first consultation. Without the referral, you will not receive the rebate from Medicare.

Please note* All Fees are subject to change. We review Fees at the end of the financial and calendar year.

Reduced rates may be available to current clients experiencing temporary, significant financial hardship. Please discuss this with your Psychologist in session.

If you wish to pay privately, it is worth checking with your health fund before your first appointment to see what rebate you are entitled to under your insurance. Please be aware that you can only make a claim from one source (either Medicare or your health fund) for each consultation.

How the assessment process works:

Psychologists can provide various assessment services (see Assessment page). In the case where another specialist (e.g., Psychiatrist) has requested specific testing for you, our administration team will be able to provide a quote before you get started. If you have self-referred, we recommend you come in for an initial interview to begin the assessment process. At this point, the Psychologist will provide a tailored quote based on your needs. We aim to tailor assessment packages to individual needs, reduce unnecessary expenses and provide a report that will help you access the support that you or your child needs.

Here is a list of the Cancellation and No Show Fees:

  • Cancellation of an appointment with less than 48 hours notice: 50% of the session fee applies and is payable before your next session.
    Cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours notice: the full session fee applies and is payable before your next session.
  • Missed appointments (i.e., the client does not show and does not cancel the session): the full session fee applies and is payable before your next session.

Why the Fees are charged:

Cancellation and No-Show Fees apply as this time has been set aside for you and cannot be filled at short notice. Medicare and DVA will not pay for Cancellation and No-Show Fees. They are payable by you (either the client; or should the client be a child/adolescent, the parent is responsible for paying outstanding fees).