10 Lifestyle Strategies for Depression

Over our lifetimes, up to 45% of us will experience mental health problems, with 1 in 7 of us spending time under the dark cloud of depression. That’s a lot of people feeling awful every day.

Lifestyle Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Depression Symptoms

Did you know that there are lifestyle changes that you can make to:

  • Increase your resilience;
  • Reduce your risk of depression;
  • Support your treatments if you are currently depressed; and
  • Help you to prevent relapse if you have experienced depression before

Combined, these lifestyle choices can help you protect and enhance your emotional well-being. While none of these strategies are a magic bullet or replace treatment, not doing each of these things is associated with an increased risk of mental health problems and depression.

10 Lifestyle Strategies to Tackle Depression

  1. Eat a healthy diet;
  2. Attain or maintain a healthy weight;
  3. Reduce alcohol and quit smoking;
  4. Exercise more but not excessively;
  5. Get enough sleep;
  6. Manage your stress;
  7. Connect with others, particularly friends and loved ones;
  8. Become more mindful;
  9. Get some sun (but keep sun-safe);
  10. Playtime for leisure is important

Making lifestyle changes is often challenging, as most of us who have made New Year’s resolutions to “get fit,” “lose weight,” or “eat better” know. However, even if you only do one step to improve your lifestyle every day, you will have made around 30 degrees towards a more resilient you in a month.

How Can a Psychologist Help You To Make These Changes?

Health & Clinical Psychologist Kelly is skilled in helping people make lifestyle changes and treat mood and other mental health symptoms. If you have trouble keeping your health resolutions, or want to improve your physical health to support your mental health, book in and see Kelly.