ASD Assessment and Support – for children and adults

Welcome to Redman Gall Psychologists: We are experienced in ASD Assessment and Support 

Are you seeking assessment, diagnosis and support for yourself or your child in relation to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? At Redman Gall Psychologists, our psychologists understand the unique challenges faced by individuals on the spectrum (ASD). Because of this we are dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment and tailored support services for neurodivergent children, adults and families.


Why Choose Redman Gall Psychologists for ASD Assessment and Support?


Specialized Expertise:

Our team of clinical psychologists specializes in the diagnosis and support of individuals with ASD. Our team has years of experience and engages in ongoing training in evidence-based practices. As a result, we tailored our care to your specific needs.


Comprehensive Assessment:

We offer thorough ASD assessments for children and adults. We utilize a range of standardized tools and diagnostic criteria to ensure accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment planning aligned with the Australian Clinical Guidelines. Our team excels at identifying ASD in groups that others may have overlooked. This includes women and girls, people with ASD level 1, people belonging to the greater ASD phenotype, and people who seek diagnosis in adulthood. 

ASD is associated with a number of other conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and tic disorders. Our goal is to provide our clients with a detailed understanding of their symptoms, including any mental health conditions to ensure that they can achieve effective accommodations and appropriate mental health care. Therefore, where possible we aim to identify all the challenges experienced by our clients in a single assessment in order to assist them in gaining well-rounded support and improving their outcomes. 


Functional Capacity Assessments:

Access to the NDIS requires a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s functional capacity, that is their ability to function in daily life. At Redman Gall Psychologists we integrate information regarding functional capacity into all of our diagnostic assessments. In addition, we offer a comprehensive assessment of functional capacity to support the development of an appropriate NDIS package. 


Individualized Support: 

We are a neuroaffirming practice.  We aim to support our clients in their ability to navigate a neurotypical world while experiencing neurodivergent challenges. As each individual with ASD is unique, and we recognize the importance of personalized support. Consequently, our team works closely with clients and their families to develop customized intervention plans. We aim these plans to help enhance individual strengths and to addressing challenges associated with navigating today’s society.


Holistic Approach:

Our approach to ASD assessment and support extends beyond the individual to encompass their entire support network. We collaborate with schools, healthcare providers, and other professionals involved in our client’s care. This helps to ensure a coordinated and holistic approach to treatment. Neurodivergent people are more likely to experience a range of medical conditions, including gut problems, hypermobility, and sensitivities that often compromise their health.  As a result, we are building a referral network of health providers who understand these conditions. It is our intent that ensure that our clients are able to experience good health outcomes, supported by a network of healthcare providers.  Our psychologists are also integrating health psychology techniques to assist people with making the behavioural changes needed to support their health.


Empowerment and Advocacy:

We commit to empowering individuals with ASD to reach their full potential and advocating for their rights and needs within the community. Our psychologists assist people with ASD to develop the skills and confidence to foster independence and inclusion for individuals no matter how spicy their brains are. We aim to empower our client’s ability to be able to achieve appropriate accommodations and to improve their quality of life. 


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