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Child & Adolescent Assessments

We also conduct a range of assessments. These can include:

  • Learning/Cognitive/IQ Assessments
  • Educational/Academic Achievement Assessments
  • Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Screening for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

All assessments will include:

  • A Clinical Interview with the Parent/s (where a specific plan will be established regarding the assessment)
  • Formal Psychological Testing (e.g. pen and paper or computer based testing) or Screening Checklists
  • An Observation of the Child in a school setting may be necessary to obtain more information
  • A Letter or Comprehensive Report will be provided depending on the nature of the assessment
  • The contents of the report will be discussed in depth at a Feedback Session

Adult Assessments

  • Workplace Assessments (e.g. return to work suitability; recruitment selection etc.).

Assessment requirements will be agreed upon prior to the initial consult with the individual being assessed. All assessments will include:

  • A Clinical Interview
  • Administration of Standardised Psychological Assessments
  • Revision of full Psychological Report Including Recommendations

Tailored assessments can be created. Please call us to discuss your needs and to obtain a quote.

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